Firearms and Other Training

Concealed Carry (CCW) Class: $175
This course is accepted in Broome, Tioga and Chenango County. It is designed for persons who have a pistol permit to upgrade to a non-restricted "Full Carry" pistol permit. Our class is also accepted for a State of Florida Non resident CCW license, accepted in over thirty additional states besides NY. Successful completion of our class will allow the student to apply for a FL license which if issued will enable the student to carry a firearm in over thirty states. North Star includes the Florida CCW training and certification in our basic class! Topics covered are:

  • NYS Penal Law Article 35 - Use of Force
  • Encounters With Law Enforcement
  • Proper carry techniques
  • Basic shooting skills
  • Alternatives to using deadly physical force
  • Transitioning from target shooting to personal protection
  • A current New York State pistol permit is NOT required in order to participate in this training, however students will NOT be issued certificates of completion until they do have a permit, and both the classroom and range training is completed successfully.
Students should come to class prepared with:
  • 30 Rounds of ammunition
  • A pistol or revolver
  • Holster and Belt
  • Baseball cap
  • Hearing and eye protection
All phases of North Star Agency's Concealed Carry training are taught by professional Law Enforcement firearms instructors who are certified by and hold valid credentials from the National Rifle Association of America's elite Law Enforcement Training division, holding both Police and Civilian NRA credentials in several disciplines, and/or the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. We encourage anyone considering such a course to verify the instructor's background, training and ***. Ask to see the instructors credentials. Sadly, some "firearms instructors" purport to have credentials or experience which is just not accurate. Asking things such as what *actual* use of force situations has the instructor been involved in, how often/how recent, and do the instructor(s) even maintain their firearms training certifications are things one should know prior to taking such courses.
Our course is designed to be affordable so that more people can benefit from professional training and education regarding the safe and proper methods of being a legally armed citizen. If you see our class advertised at a lower/special rate, we will honor that price. We will always match or usually beat any competitors advertised price for a similar class.
Florida Non Resident Concealed Carry - $175
This certificate ios included in the North Star CCW class. If you already have a NYS CCW and wish to obtain the FL certification, the course prepares you to apply for a Florida non resident concealed carry pistol permit, which allows you to carry concealed in numerous other states than the New York State permit. To see a current list of states who honor the Florida Permit, we suggest checking the Florida State Attorney General's website, as this information changes frequently.

Surviving an armed Encounter - $125

This 4 hr class is “part two” of our CCW class. It is designed to prepare students for the chain of events which will most likely occur if ever involved in a use of force encounter. Topicss include:

  • Current state and federal law updates, and how citizen’s use of deadly physical force applies to changes.
  • In depth discussion and understanding of how use of force according to “The Letter of the Law” and “The Spirit of the Law” applies.
  • In depth discussion of the mental, emotional, and social consequences of using deadly force to defend yourself or your family.
  • Discussion on what to expect if you are forced to use deadly physical force. Details of the police investigation process, grand jury, possible criminal trial, and civil trail.
  • More and expanded training on how to avoid such an encounter.
  • Survival attitude training and how to be in the right frame of mind to use your handgun defensively and intuitively if necessary, so as to survive the encounter.
Basic Firearms Training - $100
This course will include lecture and presentations on:
  • Handgun Safety
  • Range Safety
  • Proper Handling of Firearms
  • Cleaning and Storage
  • Handgun Ammunition
  • Ballistics
  • Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Proper Grip
  • Proper Stance
  • Sight Picture
  • Trigger Control
  • Proper Breathing
  • A current New York State Pistol Permit is required in order to participate in this training
Students should come to class prepared with:
  • 50 Rounds of ammunition
  • A pistol or revolver
  • Holster and Belt
  • Baseball cap
  • Hearing and eye protection
Handcuffing - 4 hours $95.00
Topics include:
  • Compliant Handcuffing
  • Non-Compliant Handcuffing
  • Handcuffing from the escort position
  • Ground Handcuffing tactics
  • Nomenclature
  • Care and Maintenance of Handcuffs
Use of Pepper Spray - 3 hours $95.00
Topics include:
  • Techniques necessary for the proper use of pepper spray
  • Types of Pepper Spray
  • Applicable laws
  • Decontamination procedures

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