NSA Conducts Qualifications For Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officers as well as civilian students On A Case By Case Basis

Please note there is NO LEGAL REQUIOREMENT for any civilian to requalify with a firearm. However, its is a wise and prudent decision to do so as it will provide the student with a documented history of regular and ongoing firearms training and proficiency testing conducted by active police law enforcement instructors. Such training will not only enhance and document your skills, but will be useful in any type of use of force legal challenge one may encounter.

All qualifications are conducted by Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors qualified to conduct a firearms qualification test for active duty officers within NY State. A qualification card will be provided upon successful completion.
The price for this qualification is $25.00 per firearm
Retired Law Enforcement Officer Qualifications

What do I need?

  • Any weapon you wish to qualify with
  • 50 Rounds for each weapon
  • Identification
  • A retired Law Enforcement ID card issued by the agency you retired from
  • NYS Pistol Permit required
  • Location
  • To Be Determined
  • Fee
  • $25.00 for each weapon
  • Only 1 gun of either type (semi auto or revolver) is required.
  • Details
  • It is required for a qualified law enforcement officer to have separated from service with 10 or more years

Interested in taking one of our classes?

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